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Eye Break

Eye Break reminds You To Take Eye-Rest At Regular Intervals.

URL: http://aboutahsan.com/eyebreak

If you spend most of your time working in front of your computer, your eyes get tired after a certain time period, without you noticing. Constant sitting in front of a computer screen may lead to eye strain injury.

Now, Eye Break helps you avoid eye strain injury by reminding you to take an eye-rest at regular intervals. You simply this website in your browser and keep it open. Every 20 minutes it will remind you to take an eye-rest by making a sound. No need to sign up or configure settings.

As suggested by the app, every time you receive the reminder you have to look at something at least twenty feet away for at least 20 seconds.


  • Reminds you to take eye-rest at regular intervals.
  • Helps avoid eye strain injury caused by constant sitting in front of a computer.
  • Reminds every 20 minutes.
  • No need to register or sign in.
  • No need to configure or customize.
  • Works from browser.

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