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Commit and run is a crime

Syntax and logical error can exist in our code even for the best of us. Just skimming the code is not enough, testing is must.

Do a Rehearsal before the demo

Sometimes, our demo session turns into a fiasco, since we didn’t prepare the test-cases we need to convey or since we didn’t test. It becomes a real shame in front of importance audience (like CEO …) and when you are already in a nervous state.

Peer review

Continuously checking our code can make us numb, and we sometimes cannot figure our obvious issues. So peer reviewing your work can identify possible issues and save you from future troubles. It just takes few minutes to do this, so why should we leave it !

Don’t rely on others’ work

Though micro management is not recommendable in many cases, but testing your colleagues work, that is part of your flow, is important.

Though your colleague may be sincere in his work, but it still can have errors, so test the full flow properly before deploying.

Don’t forget the base case

Sometimes, we get lost in the complexity of our code so much that we even forget or neglect the base case. Then, the production reveals it with much humiliation, so never underestimate the base case.

If it can break, it will

If you smell that anything can break, it is the right time to fix it before going into production. This includes possible issues and edge cases that we think will rarely occur, but from business and CX (customer-experience) perspective, they are still important, as they can negatively impact the product image in this age of social media proliferation.

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